Alaska Harvest w Grateful Gathering kit
Alaska Harvest w Grateful Gathering kit
Alaska Harvest w Grateful Gathering kit
Alaska Harvest w Grateful Gathering kit
Alaska Harvest w Grateful Gathering kit

Alaska Harvest w Grateful Gathering kit

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I have been working on this kit for several years. 

I have taught many workshops and university classes on using traditional medicinal plants. With distance learning this came together at the right time!

All you have to provide is a mason jar, olive oil (or any oil you choose) a spoon and either a pot to heat on the stove top, or an oven to heat.

I am passionate about encouraging and supporting the continued use of traditional plants in a sustainable practice with respect, gratitude, and honor for the Indigenous knowledge and stewardship.

I hope especially to get people of all ages asking and engaging with their Elders, families, friends and community members to learn their local traditions related to plant use in the hopes of preserving this valuable traditional knowledge.

This kit has two parts, 

Grateful Harvest tin with Alaska grown and wildcrafted sacred herbs, pouch and basic instructions for harvesting/wildcrafting and preserving plants harvested. Also has a short list of ways to say thank you in some of Alaska's diverse languages, and website information to help you find your area's ancestors.

Packed on top of this is the Salve making materials;  

This kit is simple, but please use adult supervision if young people are making the salve.

Salve making materials has a large pouch of wormwood (artemisia tilesii) and a small pouch of wormwood seeds for you to grow your own. 

There are 2 tea bags if you want to try making your own wormwood tea.  A great tea when cooled to gargle for sore throats.  My late mother had to drink it on King Island when she was sick, she always made a face and called is "stink weed" when remembering. I think it smells like sage : )

You also get two 1-ounce tins filled with a total of one ounce of organic bees wax pellets. 

Generally, the amount of beeswax to make a salve is 1 ounce of wax to 1 cup (8ounce) of oil.  The wormwood is enough to make one 8 ounce cup; enough for the 2 tins and about 6 ounces left over in your jar.  There are stickers for the tins and a larger label for the jar.

All of this comes with detailed instructions.

For Tribal programs, village based counselors and schools I can make personalized kits with discounted prices for bulk orders for your educational workshops.

I am working on adding some visual/photo instructions to my business website. 

Until that happens if you have any question feel free to contact me.

Chiqinik, Tia 

Not meant to be a substitute for medical care. For sensitive skin please try a little on your wrist over night before continued use.