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Alaska Ginseng Pain Salve one ounce small
Alaska Ginseng Pain Salve one ounce small

Alaska Ginseng Pain Salve one ounce small

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ALASKA GINSENG Pain Salve One ounce 

A blend of wild Alaskan Devil's Club in Organic olive oil.  Great for aches and pains, helps with minor burns. 




Tins come in 1ounce and 4 ounce sizes. 




These products were first tested on my large family. 




Devil's club is strong medicine, I did not start making this salve until I was able to learn from a wonderful Elder in Nanwalek.



I processed this strong plant without gloves so much that sadly I gained an allergy.  My wonderful husband helps me with the plant material now.  This is one of his favorite pain relieving ointments.


Salves are not a substitute for medical care.  Please check with your medical care providers if you are receiving ongoing health services, especially diabetes and pregnancy. 


For sensitive skin try a little on your wrist overnight to check for a reaction.  


And, please if you put any salve or lotion on your feet put cover your feet with shoes or socks before you get up.



Shipping is added into price of each.  If your total shipping is over $1.00 less you will be refunded difference.

Natural Ingredients organic oils wild and Alaskan grown medicinal herbal formulas.

Our salves and lotions are hand made in Alaska with natural ingredients by Alaska Natives

All products have natural oils and should be treated as such, there is little or no water in our products (except distilled water in the Sea Otter lotions) and thus the amount needed for application is very small. 

We do not put chemicals or preservatives in our products so they do need to be watched for aging. Ointments/salves should be good for over a year, while lotions may have a shorter shelf life depending on temperature and ingredients. Salves begin to lose potency after the first year. Please email for a price/product list. 

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