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Chaga Double Extract Tincture

Chaga Double Extract Tincture

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Chaga Double Extract Tincture

Ingredients: Chaga, 40-50% alcohol extract, distilled water extract.

Chaga is known around the world to have more antioxidants than anything that has been tested so far.

Suggested uses by our Elders: Immune System Booster, Auto Immune Disorders, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and more.

Stimulates and regulates the immune system
Nutritional support in the fight against cancer
Reduce inflammation
Anti-aging & Skin care
Ulcers and Gastritis
Supports normal cholesterol levels & Blood pressure

These products are sustainably harvested by Alaskan Native people, and made with love and respect. We wild harvest in the pristine wilderness of our ancient lands. We teach people in our communities how to harvest sustainably as well.

You have an option of 1 oz and 2 oz bottles with droppers.