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Cherry Teapot

Cherry Teapot

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I create Garden Teapot Art using teapots found at yard/garage sales and 2nd hand stores.  Since it is not intended for use, I have permanently glued the lid down.   The teapot is intended to hang from a Shepard's Hook or small branch above your vegetable or flower garden.  The string of beads from the spout are to give the illusion of watering your garden.  

This small white teapot has a red Cherry design on the front and red around the top of the pot.  The teapot stands 6" inches tall and is 8" inches from spout to arm.  The beads are strung with beading wire and there are 4 strands of beads coming from the spout.  The longest strand is 12" inches.  

I use crystal and glass beads in various colors.  There are acrylic beads used around the opening of the spout to prevent chipping or damaging the beads or spout.

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