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Lanyard Black onyx hematite bone leather

Lanyard Black onyx hematite bone leather

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Lanyard #14 in Black

All lanyards are individual designs, no two are alike, only you will have this style.

Made with a plush leather neckband that can be tied behind to shorten from the generous 40" length. 

Made with natural bone, onyx, hematite and glass beads.

This lanyard has stainless steel spacers protecting the moosehide connection.

Strong synthetic sinew is used in all lanyards for extra durability.  You receive the item pictured.

Price and information written on front in pencil, you can erase easily. 

Shipping function did not include items that can be sent 1st class.

A charge of 3.00 is added to the price to cover shipping and insurance.  If shipping is less by more than 1.00 you will be refunded difference.

I make all my lanyards a bit longer. You can shorten them a lot easier than you could lengthen them.

My late mother and I made and sold many beaded items over the years.  I hope to carry on her artistic scrutiny on everything I make. I think of her especially when I am creating items for market.