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Teapot Garden Art

Teapot Garden Art

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This teapot is made from pottery clay and is handmade with a cobalt blue glaze.  It stands 4" tall and is 9" wide from spout to handle.  

Teapot Garden art is intended to be hung on a shepard's hook or tree branch above your vegetable or flower garden.  The cascading beads from the spout are intended to give the illusion of "watering" your garden.  

There are 4 strands of beads coming from the spout and the longest one is 14" inches long.  The beads are glass in various shades of blue and clear and are strung on beading wire. 

The beads closest to the spout are plastic and/or acrylic.  I do this to prevent any chipping around the spout due to beads rubbing or banging against the spout.  

All teapots are found at yard sales and discount stores.  The lid is glued permanetly shut.  And I recommend bringing in your teapot for the winter.  

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