Beluga Medicine Bag

Beluga Medicine Bag

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The medicine bag was traditionally used to hold items that provided protection from evil spirits.  Within Alutiiq/Sugpiaq culture when an infant was born, the anmiotic sac was dried by the midwife and placed into an amulet bag then placed around the infants' neck.  It provided reassurance and protection for the infant.  

This medicine bag is 16 1/2" in length; the pouch is 2 1/2" by 2"  

Dark green and sage color satin and polyester fabrics are used to create the pouch.  There is a turquoise mesh overlay.  

Dark green speciality yarn is used to create the kelp; varigated yarn in green and pink hues are used to make the coral.  

The beluga whale is ceramic and there is a small metal starfish on the bottom of the pouch.  

Seed beads are used for the necklace chain, trim and "sand or gravel" at the bottom of the pouch.  Seed bead colors are blues and greens.  There is no clasp; the chain is long enough to slip over your head.  

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